Longa025 graphic illustrator

A.Gi.Emme Como: new Online Shop
A.Gi.Emme Como: new Online Shop

New illustration and graphic for A.Gi.Emme website.

XMas showindows: ViWa
XMas showindows: ViWa

XMas decoration stickers for ViWa select store.
Merry Christmas!


My notebook TIME has been published on IL #64 Il Sole 24 Ore.
Thanks, Francesco!

Monocle Illustrations
Monocle Illustrations

Two new illustrations for Monocle magazine.

Monocle illustrations
Monocle illustrations

Some new illustrations on my beloved country: Italy!
Please enjoy and: CIAO!

aWWW – Homo Faber Fortunae Suae
aWWW - Homo Faber Fortunae Suae

December 2013

Last issue of a Working Weekend Workshop

Homo Faber Fortunae Suae

aWWW – Classic
aWWW - Classic

November 2013

Eleventh issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Matching
aWWW - Matching

October 2013

Tenth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Point
aWWW - Point

September 2013

Ninth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Practice
aWWW - Practice

August 2013

Eighth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Mission
aWWW - Mission

July 2013

Seventh issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Stationery
aWWW - Stationery

June 2013*

Sixth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Delivery
aWWW - Delivery

May 2013

Fifth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Project
aWWW - Project

April 2013

Fourth issue of a Working Weekend Workshop


aWWW – Run the Numbers
aWWW - Run the Numbers

March 2013

Third issue of a Working Weekend Workshop

Run the Numbers

aWWW – Blue Valentine
aWWW - Blue Valentine

February 2013

Second issue of a Working Weekend Workshop

Blue Valentine

aWWW – 25K Priceless
aWWW - 25K Priceless

January 2013

First issue of a Working Weekend Workshop

25K – Priceless

Quomist: Super Dad!
Quomist: Super Dad!

New illustration for Japanese international stationery shop: Quomist.

Online shop!
Online shop!

Finally launching (seriously) the online shop of my notebooks here.

A.Gi.Emme website
A.Gi.Emme website

New website developed for A.Gi.Emme, select shop in Como.

Section Studies
Section Studies

Some studies did with the Monocle design team for Monocle24: a streaming 24/7 radio. Six sections: Design, Culture, Entrepreneurs, Globalist, Last Meal, Urbanists.

Monocle Mediterraneo
Monocle Mediterraneo

A series of different ships for Mediterraneo, summer pubblication by Monocle. Hope you enjoy it!

Alessi – 13 portraits
Alessi - 13 portraits

On July, 18th Alessi presented the new collection to the buyers. I was commissioned to realize the portraits of the different brances responsibles: from engineering to accounting to sales. Here an extract of the complete series. Very pleasant work!

Monocle – Florence survey
Monocle - Florence survey

Top page illustrations and box titles for the Florence Survey in Monocle #45. Check the promo video on Monocle page and a view over the entire project on  TerraProject Photographers website.

Monocle #40
Monocle #40

A series of icons and small illustrations for a magazine I like: Monocle #40. Young leaders, business, fashion and culture: some of the themes. Enjoy!

Transport Connection x CJ Book
Transport Connection x CJ Book

Book project Transport Connection selected at CJ 3rd Picture Book Festival in Korea. Now looking for and editor to publish it. ;-)

ViWa – XMas 2010
ViWa - XMas 2010

For the fourth year, I’ve done the show-windows decorations for Verbania select shop: ViWa. This year: a romantic note, with the best wishes for a lovely 2011. + A little review on the past X-mas show-windows. Hope you enjoy it!

CAF Greetings cards
CAF Greetings cards

CAF Onlus, founded in 1979, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the reception and treatment of child victims of maltreatment and abuse. Our collaboration started two years ago doing newsletters, annual reports and communication materials. This year I’ve drawn a collection of 3 Christmas cards. If you want to help us supporting CAF, please have [...]

Newton magazine Infographics
Newton magazine Infographics

Illustrations and infographics for Newton Magazine #3 / May 2010.

A.Gi.Emme stickers decorations
A.Gi.Emme stickers decorations

A project for A.Gi.Emme select shop in Como. Stickers decorations for the stair inside the store and the showindows with a concept: A.Gi.Emme is scouting for the latest tendences and style all around the world.

I'm an illustrator: working mainly on vectorial illustrations and graphic design.
In these years I've specilaized on images for infographics, icons, maps and editorial/tech matters.

I'm collaborating with magazines like Monocle, GQ, Rolling Stone Magazine, il Sole 24 Ore, ELLE & ELLEgirl Japan, Newton; editors with book cover for Feltrinelli and Spering&Kupfer and design brands like Alessi, Pandora design and TobeUs.
I've collaborated with select shops like A.Gi.Emme and ViWa drawing the decorations for the shop walls and show-windows.

I'm also running a studio here in Milan named:
Due mani non bastano.
We focus on creativity mainly for editorial, packaging and BTL projects.